Radiators Clicking When Heating Comes On

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If yourradiator is making aclicking noise (it may also sound like a creak or a groan), this may be caused by the metal expanding and contracting as it heats up or cools down. As the hot water comes into contact with the cold metal, the metal will begin to warm up. Theclicking or creakingnoise that you can hear is the metal expanding.

What to do about noisy radiators Normally, your central heating is nice and quiet – you may hear a few littlegurgling or clicking noises when it comes on, but that’s a reassuring sign the heating’s working and everything soon settles down. However, if your radiators continue to make noise, there may well be something that needs fixing.

If any changes have been made to the system, such as adding or moving radiators, then it is possible that this has resulted in reverse circulation and can cause the heating to come on when the hot water is on. This would need to be corrected. file 1. file 2. file 3.

Most radiators are supplied with these lugs whichslot into thegrooves of thebrackets so that the metal of the radiator is not in direct contact with the metal bracket. This prevents the ticking noise you are describing as the metal expands and contracts due to the heat.

Clicking sounds usually only occur when the system starts upand turns off. This is because theclicking is caused by the pipes expanding withheat and contracting as they cool down. The solution to the problem is different depending on where theclicking sound occurs. Check the back of yourradiators.

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It sounds like theclicking noise is not theradiators, but the pipes expanding and contracting. theclicking noise is sometimes due to the pipe moving in the clips that are holding it, or maybe where the pipes are touching a joist and making thisclicking noise when it expands when the heat comes on.

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